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Spider Merchant

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Printed on base
Medium (25mm base) 39mm tall
Large (50mm base) 65mm tall

December 2021 Rocketpiggames release

Customer Reviews

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Jakob V.d.W.
Its Perfect

This little guy has become one of the most recurring characters throughout my DnD campaign, and is the reason why I make my players develop a highly in depth backstory, see we use this character to buy a chunk of your soul/history, and in return you'd get something of equal offer. The model is great, awesome details and fairly sturdy, the ship time did take a bit of time, it took just over a week to get from wellington, to wellington, to wellington, then auckland. there was this strange odor that was coming off of the mini, and idk if it has something to do with the print, the plastic, or shipping, but i hope it goes away, and the box was slightly damaged, other than that its perfect, thats why im rating it 3.5/5. But for the sake of the website its a 4

Iris Clayton
Excellent quality

A great atmospheric model with lots of nice details to paint!

This model is awesome! it looks like the library of Dungeons and Dads!!!

Very detailed model with a lot to play if you like miniature painting. There are details everywhere to be as spooky or cartoonish as you's like. The library in dungeons and dads was a spider book merchant, so similar to this one!!!

Philip Knowsley
Beautiful Mini

I bought this mini as a display piece, it's that good!
It has a huge amount of detail, and seems pretty strong. (Sometimes an issue with 3D printed pieces.)