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Christmas/ End of year Shutdown

Mini Mayhem is going to be down for the holidays, if you have an order in already it'll be ready for Christmas. Speaking of, if you want something for Christmas please make sure to have the order in by the 10th at the latest to give time for printing and shipping
Mini Mayhem will be on break from the 20th, and back on End of January in 2024.
Happy Holidays!

Bring the Mayhem to your Tabletop

We supply you with high quality and well-detailed miniatures to enjoy painting them or playing your tabletop games with.

We have a printing license for RocketPigGames and Lord of the Print miniatures so get in touch if you don't find something on our website or would like something at a custom size. We can help with that.

Make sure to check product descriptions. Some come attached to the base, others are separate (but still come with a base).

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Meet Tom | The Owner of Mini Mayhem NZ

Hi, I'm Tom and I'm a huge miniature-painting enthusiast.

I've always loved painting monsters and other fun figurines, but in 2020 I made it more than my hobby and invested in a 3D printer and set up my own business Mini Mayhem NZ where I share the love and passion to painting awesome figurines with others.