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Hey there everyone, hope 2023 is kicking off well for you all!
There will be a slight delay to orders at the moment, mainly because Mini Mayhem is relocating! In a few weeks I'll be set up down in Wellington, so please bear with me while I get everything sorted out and set back up.

Bring the Mayhem to your Tabletop

We supply you with high quality and well-detailed miniatures to enjoy painting them or playing your tabletop games with.

We have a printing license for RocketPigGames and Lord of the Print miniatures so get in touch if you don't find something on our website or would like something at a custom size. We can help with that.

Make sure to check product descriptions. Some come attached to the base, others are separate (but still come with a base).

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Meet Tom | The Owner of Mini Mayhem NZ

Hi, I'm Tom and I'm a huge miniature-painting enthusiast.

I've always loved painting monsters and other fun figurines, but in 2020 I made it more than my hobby and invested in a 3D printer and set up my own business Mini Mayhem NZ where I share the love and passion to painting awesome figurines with others.