About Mini Mayhem NZ | 3D Printed Miniatures


Hi, I'm Tom and I'm a huge figurine-painting enthusiast. I've always loved painting monsters, but in 2020 I made it more than my hobby, got a 3d printer and set up my own business. I set up Mini Mayhem NZ partially to start painting more and to spread the love of painting awesome minis with others.

By the time I started the business, I'd been playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends for a few years, and at times it was hard to find the proper mini's for the good guys, but mainly the bad guys.

Owning my own 3d printer made it all easier and I printed the weird and wonderful niche creatures for myself and friends. So it only made sense to start offering this service to others interested in painting something awesome.

From there it's just been printing stuff for people in campaigns, printing their characters from places like Hero Forge, and making my own things for tabletop games (like dice which will be there soon, so watch this space!).

Safe to say I'm just a bit of a nerd. I'm an electrician and a designer, but the creative and arty side of things has always been more fun for me, and this brings another layer of art into the games I love and play.

I hope you enjoy shopping for your favourite miniatures and then more so painting and playing with them.