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Hero Forge Miniature

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Want a Hero Forge mini printed? Send the file and we can print it for you!
Send an email to minimayhemnz@gmail.com and reference your order number in the subject, and attach your files to the email.

$15 each, or print your party for $50! (Party of 4)
(25mm/1inch base characters)

Printed at Hero Forge scale, Medium (25mm base) standard
Miniatures come unprimed, so before you paint you might want to slap down a layer of primer

Customer Reviews

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Alex V.
Awesome minis with great quality

Got a large batch of heroforge minis printed and they all came out great! The store owner was communicative throughout the whole process.

Will definitely order again for my next campaign!

Dan Dajevic
Quality work as always

I buy miniatures as painting projects from not only mini mayhem but other printers. So I believe I am a good judge for resin printing companies.

I have said to everybody I know, if you want quality you go to Mini Mayhem. Ensuring the end result is cured, cleaned and correct before sending it is the standard that Mini Mayhem hold themselves to.

100% Recommend

Hannah Buchanan
Amazing !!!!

The models all turned out amazing!!! The detail is so good. Customer service was also amazing, my questions were answered promptly and professionally. I'm gonna recommend this to all of my friends !

Toby Swallow
Great print

Great print, excellent customer service. Enjoying figuring out how to paint it up.

Amir Vollweiler
How is it so good???

Look man. I don't know much about 3d printing. Is it science? Is it art? Is it literal magic? A mystery. What I DO know is if you give this guy a li'l money and an STL file you will receive a downright gorgeous physical version of the contents of that file. Fantastic detail and clarity in a tiny little mini. Bet yer butt I'll be ordering from there again.