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Hero Forge Miniature

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Want a Hero Forge mini printed? Send the file and we can print it for you!
Send an email to minimayhemnz@gmail.com and reference your order number in the subject, and attach your files to the email.

$15 each, or print your party for $50! (Party of 4)
(25mm/1inch base characters)

Printed at Hero Forge scale, Medium (25mm base) standard
Miniatures come unprimed, so before you paint you might want to slap down a layer of primer

Customer Reviews

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Pagan Fletcher
Great quality

I got my mini in an eco friendly cup (love the transport method) bubble wrapped as well to make sure he arrived in one piece. The detail was amazing, there was just a few "sprus" left on which I easily cleared off with a light touch. My friends loved it as well, and may even get theirs printed here too : 3

Dylan Johnson
Truly amazing prints

Got my order of minis for myself and some friends and we honestly love them.
The print quality and details is out standing and we could not be happier with our new minis.
If you want your hero forge minis printed I couldn’t not recommend enough to get them printed here.

Daniel Lower
Amazing Print Quality

I got a custom hero forge mini printed with Mini Mayhem and it came out amazingly well.
I find Hero Forges prints can be a bit low resolution, so I highly recommend getting their STLs printed with Mini Mayhem instead for a sharp, clean result that really shows off the detail in their models!

Dan Turner
Spectacular detail

I ordered 18 minis from these guys for several different campaigns and they came out amazing. A couple of them were small creatures with feathered wings and you can see all of the feather detailing. I've ordered direct from HeroForge before and it doesn't compare to this.

Highly rate these guys, if you want a HF mini printed this is the way to do it

Stuart Roodt
Excellent detail from Hero Forge gnome print!

I created a Hero Forge gnome artificer (think Iron Man) complete with lightning extending from an outstretched hand. Tom at Mini Mayhem did an Amazing job with the print. No detail was sacrificed, and the gnome (being smaller than a human print) turned out fantastically. It took just over a week from time of purchase for the print to be made, but I guess they must have had a few orders to fulfill. Looking forward to the next print!! Thanks guys!!!